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Point Loma

view from Point Loma
On a clear day, Point Loma is one of the most scenic locations in Southern California. Looking east, it offers a spectacular panorama of San Diego Bay and south along the coast into Mexico. On the other side of the hill facing west, the Pacific Ocean beckons with white-water views and sunsets. Fog often obscures the view, so check the current weather conditions before you visit.

View looking toward San Diego Bay

On the eastern side of the peninsula, you get a 180-degree view of the San Diego Bay, from north to south. Starting in the north, there is the Submarine Support facility on Ballast Point with Shelter Island in the background. Panning to the right, North Island Naval Air Station on Coronado dominates the view, with downtown San Diego directly behind it.

San Diego Bay San Diego Bay San Diego Bay

view of downtown San Diego
Magnified view of downtown San Diego

View looking south-east along the coast toward Mexico

Still on the eastern side of the peninsula, looking further south affords views of Mexico and a glimpse of the Coronado Islands.

view toward Mexico view toward Mexico view toward Mexico

View looking south to the tip of the peninsula

To the south, you can see further down the coast of Mexico, and the Coronado Islands. Down below on the edge of the water is the new Coast Guard lighthouse which replaced the historic old Point Loma Lighthouse located on the high ground.

view to the south view to the south

view to the south view to the south

Views to the west and north

Looking west, you can see the white water crashing along the rugged coast, and the outline of San Clemente Island on the horizon. Facing north, you can see both the Pacific Ocean on the left, and San Diego Bay on the right side of the peninsula.

view to the west view to the north view to the north

Other attractions on the Point Loma peninsula

Cabrillo National Monument Cabrillo National Monument

Old Point Loma lighthouse Old Point Loma Lighthouse

view from Point Loma Point Loma is located at the Cabrillo National Monument, in San Diego. See map.

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