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Moorten "Desertland" Botanical Garden

Moorten Botanical Garden

The Moorten "Desertland" Botanical Garden is a compact showcase of desert trees and cacti. It is only about an acre in size, but every square inch is packed with desert specimens. It is truly a desert gem, well worth a visit. The map you receive upon entering indicates the different regions where the plants are native. The desert regions represented include; the Sonoran, Mojave, Arizona, California, Texas, Colorado, and Central Mexico. The map also has the following information about the history of the garden:

The Moorten family, all desert plant specialists, turned their residence estate into a living museum of desert lore. There’s something of interest for everyone with glistening crystals, colorful rocks, ancient fossils, pioneer and gold-mine relics. The garden party areas are available for Civic, Cultural and Social events such as weddings, receptions, art exhibits, concerts, classes, meetings, memorials, mixers and fashion shows. Ideal for photography,

Long established in Palm Springs since 1938, this private arboretum was created to share with everyone the beauty and extraordinary varieties of desert plants from around the world-featuring desert trees and cacti from miniatures to giants. It is a classic collection of more than 3000 varieties of plants designed in concentrated habitats along a nature trail. Also, a special exhibition of quite rare plants called the world’s first “Cactarium” (a word they coined in this profession).

The Moorten’s Mediterranean style home, called “Cactus Castle” is in the Palm Grove Oasis, often described as a haven of tranquility. The charm of old Palm Springs.

Some of the views along the trails

Garden trail Garden trail Garden trail

Different types of cactus A sea of cactus

Different types of cactus Different types of cactus Different types of cactus

The "Cactus Castle"

The Cactus Castle The Cactus Castle

The Cactarium

The "Cactarium" is housed in a Quonset hut style greenhouse. It contains a remarkable collection of unusual types of cacti.

The Cactarium Inside the Cactarium Specimens inside the Cactarium

Specimens inside the Cactarium Specimens inside the Cactarium Specimens inside the Cactarium

The Moorten "Desertland" Botanical Garden is located at 1701 So. Palm Canyon Drive, in Palm Springs. See map.

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