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Moose Museum

Moose Museum in Orange
NOTE: Sadly, the Moose Museum no longer exists. The Mainly Seconds store has closed and has been replaced by a 99¢ store. The collection was split up to various people/organizations, and some donated to charity. This page will remain on the website for historical/sentimental purposes.

[The following is from a plaque located
at the stairs leading to the Moose Museum]

How it Came to Be ...

I opened my first store in 1982, just three blocks
south on Tustin Avenue. My wife, Ann (who
affectionately called me "Moose"), rallied my family,
friends, and former and newest employees together
and surprised me with a very special grand opening
good luck gift ... this (plaid-antlered corduroy
moosehead bearing the inscription:
"The Moose is Loose"
and the date I started out on my own ...
"April 16, 1982"

Since that early beginning, Mainly Seconds has
continually grown and prospered, and with it has
grown the moose collection.

Along the way, many special people have touched my
life and contributed to the success of my company ... a
number of them are memorialized somewhere at the
top of this staircase.

Inspired and encouraged by my wife, who lovingly
started me out on this adventure, I've chosen to share
this private collection with those individuals most
instrumental in my success...
my Customers
...whose loyalty and support not only paid the bills,
but helped me to realize a dream.

corduroy moosehead and plaque

Pictures from the Moose Museum

view of the museum museum display case

museum display case museum display case

view of the museum interior of Mainly Seconds store viewed from the musuem

museum display case museum display case


[1] The Curator's desk & museum archives

[2] The Customer Gallery:    Anyone inspired to contribute to the museum will be recognized and their piece will be exhibited here.

[3] The International Wall:    Mooses from around the world.

[4] The Library Collection:    Postcards, pictures, & text.

[5] Bullwinkle's Corner:    Need I say more!

[6] The Fine Art Gallery:    Collectables, art pieces, and other rare treasures.

[7] The Children's Wing:    Drawings and art work contributed by children from selected schools.

[8] The Mike Bonk Private Collection:    My "personal" pieces collected over the years.

Mainly Seconds - Pottery, Plants & Things

The Moose Museum was located at Mainly Seconds, 789 S. Tustin Ave., in the City of Orange. See map.

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