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Sherman Library and Gardens

front entrance - Sherman Library and Gardens

The following excerpt is from the informational brochure available at the Gardens:

The Library provides an historical research center devoted to the study of the Pacific Southwest, with emphasis on the spectacular transformation of this region that has occurred over the past one hundred years. The Library has accumulated substantial amounts of historical materials, including approximately fifteen thousand books and pamphlets, sizeable collections of maps and photographs, more than two thousand reels of microfilm (including the back files of several newspapers), and about two hundred thousand papers and documents. The long-range purpose of these holdings is to help explain just how and why the extraordinary development of this region took place as it did. While primarily designed for use by students and other researchers in this field, the Library is open to visitors and its resources are available to anyone who has need to use them.

The botanical collections of the Gardens range from rare cacti and succulents of desert regions to exotic vegetation of tropical climates. Represented are more than one thousand species and over two hundred genera. In effect, the Gardens provide a museum of living plants, displayed in an attractive setting of fountains, sculpture and well-tended shrubs and lawns. Large flower beds and numerous hanging baskets radiate seasonal color and accent the Early California architectural theme of the surrounding buildings. Many of the specimen plants are labeled by origin and by generic, family and common names. Plant directories containing information of the Gardens are available for those who wish to study the plants in depth. The tropical conservatory (supplying optimum humidity with a minimum of temperature fluctuation, all automatically controlled) houses bromeliads, orchids, ferns, and other lush tropical growth, plus a koi pond.

Water fountains near the rear entrance
Water fountains near the rear entrance
The tropical conservatory
The tropical conservatory

Views inside the tropical conservatory

Koi pond
Koi pond
Koi pond
Koi pond

Pathway inside the conservatory
Pathway surrounded by lush vegetation
Koi pond
Koi pond

Closeups of flowers and plants in the tropical conservatory

Orchid Closeup of flowers

Closeup of plants Closeup of flowers

Closeup of flowers Closeup of flowers

Full sunlight areas

Rose garden
Rose garden
sunny pathway
sunny pathway

sea of blue flowers
sea of blue flowers
Lily pond with fountain
Lily pond with fountain

Tropical shadeplant areas

ferns ferns

Cactus Garden

cactus garden cactus garden

Pepper tree and succulents cactus garden


Dedication Plaque

Dedication plaque Sherman Library & Gardens

This beautiful cultural center
was founded in 1966 by
Arnold D. Haskell (1895-1977).

Motivated by his love of
history and horticulture, he
conceived and developed
Sherman Library & Gardens
over an eight-year period.
Through his generosity and
personal effort, the purchase
of this entire block and all
construction were made

Sherman Library & Gardens is
now a public charity and is
maintained for the benefit of
the general public.

Entrance to the Library
Entrance to the Research Library

The Sherman Library and Gardens are located at 2647 East Pacific Coast Highway, in Corona del Mar (City of Newport Beach). See map.

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